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High Demand for Internet Marketing leads to Development of New Courses at San Diego State University
San Diego Internet Marketing Consultant, Holly Berkley, hired to teach new class for SDSU

San Diego, CA - June 2007-Today, more than 900 million people are online world wide, with 400 million of them spending an average of 30 hours per month online (Nielsen/Netratings 2006). For business owners, that means having a professional web presence is absolutely essential in order to stay competitive in today's marketplace. As a result, the average big brand spends 20% of their marketing budget on Internet advertising and web site development. As this number grows, the more employers are looking to hire employees with some background in Internet Marketing.

San Diego State University is one of the first universities to take advantage of this growing trend by offering new courses in Internet Marketing. The University recently hired Holly Berkley, professional Internet Marketing consultant and author of two popular Internet Marketing books to teach the newest course. The course teaches students the essentials of Internet Marketing such as compliance with the new CAN-SPAM email marketing law, how to optimize a web site for the search engines, as well as the basics of effective web site design.

"There has been tremendous growth in demand for our course in Internet
Marketing" said George Belch, SDSU Professor and Chair of Department of Marketing, "We currently offer three sections a semester of the course with 40 seats per section and they all fill up immediately.

Having business professionals, such as Berkley, who are actually working in the field of Internet Marketing help keep the course content practical and up-to-date with the newest Internet trends and technology. In addition to Berkley's real-world client case studies and experience, Berkley uses her own book "Low Budget Internet Marketing for Small Business" as well as excepts from her upcoming book "Marketing in the New Media" as text books for the class.

"Students have a very strong interest in learning about how the Internet is and can be used effectively by companies as part of their marketing programs," continued Belch. "I expect the high demand for the Internet Marketing class to continue"

About Holly Berkley
Holly Berkley is a recognized expert in the online marketing field featured on nationally syndicated talk shows, business seminars, and magazine articles. Her new book, "Marketing in the New Media" was released in April 2007. Learn more about Holly Berkley at http://www.sandiego-online-marketing-consultant.com/holly_berkley.html


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